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Full Body Hair Reduction

Full Body Hair Reduction

The first laser device featuring three wave lengths able to work together and simultaneously at three different depths to assure triple effectiveness. Our triple wave diode has 808nm wavelength with inbuilt of Sapphire cooling system, so it acts simultaneously on the hair’s anatomy. e.g: the hair Bulge, Bulb, and Papilla. 

Recall the time your companions had arranged that unexpected supper for you? Furthermore, how you needed to wear that beautiful sleeveless dress? Recollect how frustrated you were the point at which you understood you couldn’t all things considered?

All in light of the fact that your waxing system had allowed you to down. Presently, don’t permit undesirable body hair to demolish an event like that until kingdom come. Be it waxing, stringing, blanches or depilatory creams, not one gives you a lasting answer for undesirable hair. Wouldn’t you like to give up these impermanent methods for hair evacuation in the event that you could proceed onward to something that is a lasting hair decrease arrangement? Presently get smooth, without hair skin that you’ve generally wanted Hair Free Gentle Touch Laser. To find out about the upsides of laser over shaving, click here.

Laser Hair reduction is the most convenient way to permanently reduce unwanted facial and body
hair with proven long-term results at Madalasaa Clinic offers a range of the world’s most
advanced lasers treatments and our certified laser estheticians work with experience with
all skin types to reduce your unwanted hair safely.

  1. Face
  2. Underarms
  3. Bikini Line
  4. Bikini Area
  5. Full Body

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