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Genital Skin Lightening

Genital Skin Lightening / Genital Depigmentation

With increased trend of pubic hair removal, women nowadays have become more conscious about the genital appearance. Genital skin being darker as compared to surrounding skin is commonly seen in Asian women. Reason can be natural or secondary to some pathology like infections or hormonal imbalance. Some women feel embarrassment with the excessive dark genital appearance as compared to skin tone of surrounding area. If desired genital skin lightening can be achieved by various medical and cosmetic procedures like LASERs, PRP, and Peels. These aesthetically enhancing procedures helps to achieve Pleasing and younger looking genitalia. Few sessions of nonsurgical, painless, short lasting procedure performed by experts helps achieving lightening. Results and recurrence are variable as per root cause for pigmentation.

Lightening of darker thigh area can also be performed similarly

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