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Sexual Medicine

Sexual Medicine

Sex is essence of life for every individual irrespective of gender. Pleasurable sex is not only right of an indivuadual but it has several benefit as stress reliever, anti aging, Endoprphin -happy hormone production, improving libido, improving bladder control, can relieve few pains, healthier -glowing skin, better sleep, reduced risk of stroke and protection againt heart diseases and simply happiness!. it also important aspect of relationship. Prevalence of sexual dysfunction in general population is significant.. and surprisingly more 43% in women than in men (31%) These can be lifelong or situational.

There are various types of sexual dysfunction in women  and it can be Hypoactive sexual disorders, Orgasm disorder, arousal disorders. Diagnosing correctly and treating specifically. In apparent gender equal society, surprisingly women have much less treatment options for sexual dysfunctions as compared to Men.

Aesthetic gynaecological procedure help greatly to counter this imbalance! Start speaking about any sexual health related concerns to our specialist rather than suffering in silence. Awareness about facts regarding sex  and clarifying myths through proper education can solve problem of many couples.

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