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Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal Rejuvenation / Vaginal Tightening / Vaginoplasty

  • Woman undergoes various phases in her life as per advancing age

Hormonal changes, pregnancy and Birth process, aging and menopause affects the encircling muscles and elastic tissue around vagina resulting in various degree of laxity (loosening) which results in suboptimal sexual pleasure, urinary function, sensation of looseness, sensation of something coming out of vagina without actually coming anything. In severe cases it can result in prolapse. This highly affects the woman’s confidence and worry about self-body image.

  • Purpose of vaginal rejuvenation is to achieve Tightening as in young women who have not delivered vaginally yet

Vaginal tightening significantly improves the degree of sexual pleasure for the woman as well as her partner as well as it gives better control for urination also sense of tightening as in young age boosting her overall confidence

  • How it is done

Vaginal tightening in mild to moderate laxity is performed either non-surgically with LASERS or HIFU or Radio-Frequency or using PRP.

These are safe, quick and easy procedures performed in office setting without anaesthesia and without restriction to resume normal activities

Surgical tightening needed in case of advanced degree of laxity and prolapse, trauma or injury as in birth process or accidents involving perineal area, after abscess, and hormone deficient state like menopause (VRS – vaginal relaxation syndrome)


Different treatment options

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