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Orgasm Enhancing Shot

"Orgasm" Enhancing Shot

G Spot and Clitoral Augmentation

(Clitorourethrovaginal CUV complex)

G spot and Clitoris are most erogenous parts in women.  Procedures performed to enhance the function of these area is orgasm enhancing shots.

G spot named by Addiego et al (1981) after German Gynaecologist Ernest Grafenberg 1950 and his work in.

G spot is described as Highly sensitive and erogenous area on the anterior wall (front and lower part of vaginal canal) stimulation of which causes intense sexual pleasure and contributes to orgasm.

How G spot augmentation helps

G spot has variable size in different women and augmentation of G spot is done with PRP and/or filler injections causing improved blood flow as well as making it more prominent and enlarged to enhance its exposure to rubbing during self or partnered sexual stimulation.

Oragsmic shot are the injections intended to improve sexual pleasure

Effects of Orgasmic Shots and G spot augmentations

  1. Heightened sensation on sexual stimulation
  2. Increased possibility to achieve orgasm , multiple orgasms
  3. Stronger Orgasms
  4. Improved arousal (response to sexual stimulation)
  5. Improved natural lubrication
  6. Greater sexual satisfaction

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