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Sexual Dysfunction Management

Evaluation and Treating Sexual Dysfunction

Human Sexual Function An Essential Component Of Life.     Not only for procreation but also For Quality Of Life.

Sexual Dysfunction Can Lead To Reduced Quality Of Life With Potential For Progressive Worsening

Sexual dysfunctions in women caused by Several Parameters like

  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Advancing Age
  • Social-interpersonal Factors
  • Psycho-social Stress

Its estimated that it Affects 40% of women but unfortunately these sufferrings are largly remain unspoken

In gender equal society while there are plenty options available for men fot treatment of male sexual dysfunction, for women there are Limited treatment options. Hesitancy and shyness to ask for help worsens the problem To Have A Significant Negative Effect On Female Sexual Health And QOL

COSMETIC GYNAECOLOGY with various treatment procedures AIMS at rectifying such concerns and help women coming out of miserable life in promising way.

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