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Labia Minora Plasty

Labia Minora Plasty

Labia Minora (inner folds of female genitalia) have highly variable in every individual. When labia minora is enlarged, elongated, unequal – lacking symmetry labia minoraplasty can be performed. As per individual preferences some women don’t wish to have the inner folds projevting outside outer folds or they feel it as unsightly. It can have embaassing moments with swimwears with accidental popping out labia minora.

In addition to appearance concerns, enlarged inner labial folds can be a cause of pain and skin chafing with tighter clothes as well as it can be reason for pain/ discomfort during intercourse if get pulled and interference in intercourse during penetration. It can also cause soiling of surrounding skin/clothes during urination due to deviation of urine stream.

Labia minoplasty aims at relieving such concerns by a skilled surgery performed under day care settings under anaesthesia

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